張子堅  DipLCM(perf.), DipMusLCM(th.)

香港流行音樂作曲人、編曲人、監製。第一首派台作品為眾所週知的香港政府歌曲:陳奕迅、張學友合唱的《同舟之情》。一直協助不同作曲人製作demo,直至2012被郭偉亮(Eric Kwok)賞識,開始流行音樂編曲人的生涯。

12歲因興趣而開始學流行風格鋼琴。5年時間已取得英國倫敦Guildhall 流行鋼琴八級優異的資格(現合併為聖三一音樂考試),並於同一年考取八級樂理。14歲已開始於教會樂隊中彈琴伴奏。16歲開始訓練伴奏琴手。此後,曾於吉隆坡有5年進修的時間,課餘時間常參與各種的演出,特別是活躍於教會的音樂會及聚會。踏足香港後,繼續活躍於音樂製作,個別教授,及樂隊指導。

Isaac Chong  DipLCM(perf.), DipMusLCM(th.)

An active pop music composer, arranger, producer, based in Hong Kong. His first radio plug song was the well-known government’s project sang by Eason Chan and Jackie Cheung, “Sail On”. Along the way helping various songwriter making their “demo”s, his talent was recognised by Eric Kwok in 2012. His music production were known to the pop music world ever since.

Started pop piano lesson at the age of 12, due to a keen interest. In 5 years time, he obtained Guildhall (now Trinity Guildhall) Popular Piano Grade 8 Honours qualification, and passed Theory of Music Grade 8 exam in the same year. At 14, he begins to play piano for the local church. He started to train pianist at the age of 16. After that, during 5 years of further studies, he involves in a number of performances at free time, especially church concerts and meetings. After moving back to Hong Kong, his passion continues to expand in music production, individual lessons and band directing.

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